Sunday, May 24, 2015

DEAD HAND have come a long way since their first 7" split with Repellers and their evolution throughout their history has been interesting. "Storm of Demiurge" shows a maturity in the short year and some change since their first release that takes some bands a decade to reach. That is even more impressive considering two new members including a new drummer and added keyboards / synths have come into the fold since "Apex Parasite".

Songs that are on average 9 minutes and up to 15 that take their time to evolve into an unforced climax. Drawing comparisons to Yob, Isis, and Red Sparowes, Dead Hand command each note with dynamics intended to move seamlessly through the volume shifts and tonal textures explored during this hypnotic 47 minute delivery.

Preorders and streaming of the entire album can be found here. Digital downloads can be found on Dead Hand's Bandcamp Page. We've teamed up with Third I Rex to handle the European release of the album to keep all of our friends from across the pond from having to pay more on shipping than the album itself. The release date is 6/28/15 but all preorders will ship on or before 6/23/15.