DMR007 - Repellers / Dead Hand - split

Info coming soon.

DMR006 - Shroud Eater - Dead Ends

12" LP
100 - Transparent Gold
100 - Transparent Red
100 - Random Mix

Co-pressed with Red Moth Records and Primitive Violence
DMR005 - Neon Hole / Diseska - split


300 copies on black vinyl

DMR004 - Grievances / Quiet Hands - split

3" mini cd filled with 7 tracks of crusty power violence. Grievances come in with 3 tracks of doomed hardcore providing the soundtrack of the pathetic state of affairs our country is in. Gulfport, Mississippi's Quiet Hands finish out the last half of the split with 4 of the heaviest songs this side of Infest. 66 copies pressed with full color booklets inside a cd sized dvd case. Comes with digital download code.

DMR003 - Divine Mother Recordings - Collective Sound Vol.1
Featuring bands like Galaxicon, Church of Wolves, Gripe, The Skuds, Grievances, Pier Six Brawlers, ISIBC, Josh Lay, and more. 16 tracks of doom, grind, hardcore, and ambient noise for your listening displeasure. Free with every order placed through Divine Mother Recordings. 100 copies

DMR002 - Infant Star In Black Cocoon 
3"mini cd consisting of 5 tracks of ambient atmospheric soundscapes twisting into harsh noise totaling 21:27. Limited to 20 copies - all hand cut, hand numbered. For fans of SUNNO))), Teeth Collection, Merzbow, Whitehouse.


DMR001 - Shikami - Invincible Under The Sun

This is Shikami's entire discography all in one. The early demo E.P. "As Wolves Amongst Sheep", as well as their final unreleased recording made just a month before their breakup in 2004. Also included is a song the band recorded during 2006 during rehearsals for a reunion show. 13 songs of Japanese and video game inspired metal from Macon, Ga. Limited to 40 copies. Comes with a 2"x2" sticker.


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